Monkey Safari Modular Nights San Francisco

RSVP Entry Before 11pm Here: Line Up // MONKEY SAFARI (Hommage // Monaberry // Germany) HUMAN RESOURCES (Minimal Effort // LA) PEDRO ARBULU (Modular // US) JAIME JAMES (Modular // US) — Monkey Safari Bio Riding in with the power to deliver sunshine to world’s rainiest open air events, Monkey Safari bring rays of… Read more »

Modular feat. Culprit Sessions w/ Edu Imbernon, Droog

Edu Imbernon and Droog Modular San Francisco

LIMITED Complimentary Admission B4 11PM: Modular & Audio present: Culprit Sessions Edu Imbernon (Fayer // Culprit // Young Turks // Spain) Droog (Culprit // US) Pedro Arbulu (Modular // Peru // US) Enzo Muro (Electronic Groove // Peru // US) Edu Imbernon Bio Sprouting from city of “valour” – Valencia – songwriter, producer, remixer,… Read more »

MODULAR feat. NOIR (Noir Music | Denmark)

Noir Modular San Francisco

Modular & Audio present the return of: Noir (Noir Music // Denmark) Pedro Arbulu (Modular // Peru // US) Menno (Sound Advice // US) Noir Bio “I was 8 years old,” remembers René ‘Noir’ Kristensen, “looking at a poster of Duran Duran outside the Eiffel Tower, and telling my mother that when I was older,… Read more »

Modular + Galvanize Open Air Featuring Jan Blomqvist (Live)

Modular + Galvanize Open Air Featuring Jan Blomqvist

LIMITED Complimentary Admission: Modular & Galvanize present a magical day with: Jan Blomqvist * Special Live Performance * (Stil vor Talent // Berlin) Pedro Arbulu (Modular // Peru // US) Ben Jorgens (Modular // US) — Jan Blomqvist Bio Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin-based live electronic artist, whose signature melancholic vocals, introspective melodies and… Read more »

FORREST * Debut *

Forrest Modular Nights San Francisco

RSVP for complimentary entry before 11pm: Modular Featuring Forrest * Debut Performance * (2020Vision // Turbo // Get Physical // VIVa) Pedro Arbulu (Modular // Peru // US) Matt Hubert (In-sight // US) Lindsey Herbert (Modular // Msa // US) Martin Aquino (One Records // Akbal // US) Forrest Bio Founding member of the MTL/L.A./LDN… Read more »


David August Modular San Francisco

Buy Presales Here: Modular & Public Works present a magical night with: David August * Special Live Performance * (Diynamic Music // Innervisions // Germany) Rampue *Live* (Audiolith // Berlin) Pedro Arbulu (Modular // Peru // US) Matt Hubert (IN·SIGHT // US) David August Bio A pianist since the age of 5, now 24 years old, David… Read more »

Super Flu

Super Flu Modular San Francisco

RSVP for complimentary entry before 11pm Line Up // Super Flu (Monaberry x Germany) Feliks Thielemann & Mathias Schwarz – that´s Super Flu!!! Welcome to a world where crispy baked bass drums give the keynote, where Momratzn twitch to tweaking hi-hats and speech bubbles wave engaging basses to you!Do you falter on making a… Read more »

Modular Open Air After

Modular Open Air After

Please join us to continue the celebration! FREE before 11pm or for the first 100 guests. We encourage early arrival. Depending on demand/capacity, it will be $15 at the door after the first 100 guests or after 11pm. ///Purpose A birthday celebration for Pedro Arbulu and Natasha Fatale! ///Line Up Crosstalk (Pedro Arbulu & Benjamin… Read more »

Modular Open Air

Please join us for a FREE open air event promoting the conservation of water, the reduction of waste and the awareness of homelessness in California as well as celebrating the birthdays of Pedro Arbulu and Natasha Fatale! ///Purpose A spiritual gathering to spread awareness of the issues facing California including water shortage, garbage and homelessness…. Read more »

Oliver Schories (SOSO x Hamburg)

Oliver Schories Modular San Francisco “In times where electronic music often tends to sound static and soulless, Oliver Schories is one of the few producers able to translate emotional intensity into pads and patterns. Stunning from beginning till end.” Among the latest wave of promising producers with a penchant for deep and emotive techno is Hamburg-based Oliver Schories. What… Read more »