FORREST * Debut *

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Modular Featuring

Forrest * Debut Performance *
(2020Vision // Turbo // Get Physical // VIVa)

Pedro Arbulu
(Modular // Peru // US)

Matt Hubert
(In-sight // US)

Lindsey Herbert
(Modular // Msa // US)

Martin Aquino
(One Records // Akbal // US)

Forrest Bio

Founding member of the MTL/L.A./LDN based Amadeus Records, Forrest carries himself with not only an untamed mindset, but an exponentially growing catalog of quality releases. Working closely with Montreal producer/sound engineer J. Doyon, Forrest is now evolving into an artist of his own while still multiplying collaborations with other renowned acts such as Avatism, Eric Volta, Re.You & Tom Budden to name a few. With key releases and features on 2020Vision, Mobilee, Visionquest, Defected, Get Physcial, Turbo, Vakant, Saved, VIVa & Gruuv, Forrest is most definitely a new act worth experiencing.


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